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SEO, or search engine optimization, is much more than just ranking a keyword.  It’s about driving multiple queries from Google based off of the users intent, utilizing a great UI, and converting visitors into actual customers.

SEO starts with a foundation, your website, which must be mobile friendly with Google’s latest algorithm update.  Did you know more users are on mobile than desktop? Did you know 90% of users will abandon your site if it loads longer than 5 seconds?  Users don’t have time to wait around, hoping you’ll provide a good user experience.  They’ll simply visit your competitor and purchase from them.  Load times are key in todays ‘gotta have it now’ mentality.

Our SEO services start from the ground up.  Solid, fast loading website designed to convert.  Optimize the on page factors and create the PR outreach campaigns that are key to driving traffic, and key to driving your site higher in search results.

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SEO Basic

Terms and Jargon to Help You Along The Journey

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of modifying the code within your site that allows search engines to crawl and index your site correctly.  SEO also involves off page optimization, what we refer to as PR Outreach, where we contact 3rd party sites to provide press coverage of your site.  PR Outreach can involve multiple campaigns, such as opinion articles, product reviews, press releases, and much more.

What is Technical SEO?

When you hear the term ‘Technical SEO’, we are referring to elements that affect your rankings, such as how your hosting is setup, the software being used for your site (think WordPress or Magento), and it can mean the elements within your code. There are many aspects to Technical SEO that we cover when auditing and correcting your sites structure when a campaign is kicked off.