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Web Design

The creation of a well designed site goes beyond great looks.  It’s the foundation of your entire marketing strategy. To the creation of email landing pages to optimized pages for organic search, your site is the backbone of your entire digital marketing strategy.  Without a properly designed site, you could lose hundreds of thousands in lost revenue each year.

Our strategy involves looking at the big picture for web development.  Speed load times are essential for users.  That has never been more true today as more and more users visit sites on their mobile devices.  Google has recently launched their latest algorithm update title, ‘Mobile First Indexing’, meaning if your site is not mobile friendly, then you’re going to rank lower compared to your competitions site that is mobile friendly.


What is a CMS?

CMS, or content management system, is the underlying software used on your hosting platform that manages your website.  Some of the most popular CMS systems are WordPress, which is typically used for blogging and corporate sites, Magento, an ecommerce platform that was purchased by eBay and then Adobe, which will run an ecommerce store.  Both of these CMS systems are open source meaning they are free to download and use.  Both also have a paid upgrade plan with more features.

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What is a Responsive Design?

Responsive web design is the process of creating a website with more than just the desktop user in mind.  In fact, todays users are more often to use a mobile device than desktop. Because of this shift in user behavior in a mobile world, Google has updated their ranking index to take into account more users are on mobile and websites that do not cater to them should not rank as high.  At Creative Behavior, our process involves a responsive design strategy from the start to accommodate today’s user.

How fast should a site load?

Users expect a fast experience on any device.  There are a treasure trove of statistics that provide a breakdown of a user leaving in x amount of time.  When we optimize your site, we shoot for a 1.5-2 second load time.  There are elements on your page within the code we can optimize to achieve this.  There are also factors that your web hosting can control to speed up (or slow down) your site.  We take a look at all of the elements and optimize them all for the fastest experience possible.

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How We Started

Like most digital marketing agencies, Creative Behavior started out as a web design company in Charlotte NC back in 2006.  We quickly stepped up our education and parlayed our knowledge into SEO and additional marketing services.

We are proud to call Charlotte NC our home.  We’ve been working with companies in the area and love the culture and sense of family Charlotte provides.